Special requirements call for individual solutions

With our experience and deep expertise in membrane manufacturing, we are a competent partner for our customers when it comes to the development of individual cartridge solutions.

Expertise in membranes and filter design

As a medium-sized company, Prime water is characterized by high flexibility, fast response times, professional project management processes and extensive experience in design, prototype production and appropriate testing procedures. We produce membrane cartridges for customers in many different parts of the industry. Being part of the Aqua free group, our quality standards have been developed in such a way that we satisfy the requirements of customers in the medical field. Our "OEM" customers need individual and innovative solutions generating competitive advantage as well as higher efficiency.

Way of Work

For around 20 years, customer-specific development of filter solutions has been an integral part of the Prime water business. During these years, a large number of individual hollow-fiber membrane cartridges were developed for various applications in various industries. At the start of a new development our team always needs to understand the customer requirements. Even though Prime water often provides only one component for the entire system, a far-reaching understanding of the technical context is indispensable. Communicating with our customer and, as a rule, with other contributors to the overall solution is an essential part of any project. We are therefore pleased to answer any of your technical questions regarding the use of our membranes and filter solutions. The exchange with our customers and partners is always based on confidentiality.

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