DualStage MF 10-CL

10 inch carbon block plus micro filteration membrane

The DualStage MF10-CL improves the taste and odour of the water, removes heavy metals and medicine residues and makes it microbiologically safe.

  •  Bacterial retention: > 99.99999%
  •  High quality active carbon
  •  Removal of heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, VOC’s and medicine residues
  •  Removes bad taste & odour
  •  Reduces 99% of free chlorine

The DualStage MF10-CL filter consists of a 9 ¾ʺ carbon shell combined with a Prime water® MF membrane cartridge at its core. Water flows from the outside through the carbon and exits through the membranes. The DualStage MF10-CL improves the taste and odour of the water, removes heavy metals and medicine residues and makes it microbiologically safe.

  • Membrane type: Prime water® MF, asymmetric hydrophilic capillary membranes
  • Membrane material: PES
  • Max. pore size*: 0.20 μm absolute
  • Bacterial retention: > 99.99999% (log 7) ASTM F838-05
  • Carbon adsorption: Reduces > 99% of free chlorine, removes bad taste and odour
  • Removal: heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, VOC‘s and medicine residues
  • Cartridge size: 73 x 248 mm (OD x Length)
  • Weight: 425 g
  • Max. pressure: 5 bar (75 psi)
  • Max. temp: 40°C (104°F)
  • Flow rate: 8 L/min @ 2 bar
  • Service life**: +/- 2500 L
  • Filter materials: Coconut based carbonshell, 5 μm
    Housing: HIPS
    Potting: 2K epoxy resin
    End-caps: ABS
    Seal: EPDM
    Potting: 2K epoxy resin

* Membrane cartridge tested for integrity according to ASTM D6908-06.
** Service life depends on local water conditions, the amount of micro particles (SDI) and level of prefiltration. SDI measured according to ASTM D4189-95. European guidelines prescribe exchange of cartridge after 6 months.